New betting sites

Given how ingrained they are in the betting landscape, it's hard to imagine a time without betting apps. What are the best ones that are currently on offer in Ireland? That's precisely what we are here to tell you, so keep reading to find out.

Top Irish Betting Apps 2024

There are many fine betting apps in Ireland, but in our opinion, these are the top 10 that you can download to your mobile.

                          1. Business QA Check List

                            1.      Checking the staging version of the sites to see the new features presented in the Demo meeting Fabian  -Optional we already do this

                            2.    H-tags & Meta tags – not missing h-tags on main pages

                            3.    Navigation menu -

                            4.   Content - HP, Review Page, need to check all the content appear and no missing widgets.

                            5.    Visibility (Mobile & Desktop) – design not broken, images showing, all widgets appearing. Fabian  -Optional we do this

                            6.   Go links – all the go links working, and no missing go links on the top-x table  Fabian  -Optional we do this

                            7.    Inner links (body, navigation, footer, topx, links box)

                            8.   Publish date

                            9.   AMP working?

                            10.                    Clocked AMP url working? (including cloaked aff links)

                            11.   Links to review – 404 or leading to different page?

                            12. Sitemaps (live and that the sitemap regeneration is working)

                            13. Make sure Sync with Kandy is working for affiliate links

                            14.                    SEO settings

                            15. Robots.txt

                            16.Segments/personalization - no changes on segments. Fabian  -We check segmentation as part of the smoke test