KRAV MAGA | Forty-two students take part in Dundalk Krav Maga grading

Members of Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defence who took part in the recent grading at DkIT Sport

Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defence held a grading for 42 of its members at DkIT Sport on April 30th.

Grading is not only a chance for Krav Maga students to be tested on their progress but also a chance to learn some new skills.

All participants trained for six months prior to the grading itself, covering the syllabus from their relevant level in defensive techniques for survival in everyday life.

Experts Anthony Cunnane (left) and Marcin Fiodorow (right) give a demonstration at the recent Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defence grading

Areas covered include hand, knife, impact weapon, ground survival, defence against multiple attackers and fitness. Grading was conducted by expert four Marcin Fiodorow and expert one Anthony Cunnane.

The full time school in the centre of Dundalk is growing and growing all the time with more and more people starting to realise the benefits of learning Krav Maga as a means for self protection and fitness.

Dundalk Krav Maga Grading 30th April 2017
Some impressions from a fantastic day of Grading and Testing for students conducted by Global Expert Marcin Fiodorow…

You can view a selection of photos from the the grading at the Dundalk Krav Maga School Of Self Defence Facebook page. Well done to all the participants!

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