KARATE | Successful grading for Dundalk Karate’s all inclusive students

There were celebrations all round for numerous members of Dundalk Karate who recently graded with flying colours.

Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan pictured with Nathan, Paula, David, Eimear, Niamh and Conor and their grading certificates

After completing a number of courses with CARA, and having spoken and researched into the field of all inclusive karate, Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan took a leap of faith and set up a very successful all inclusive karate class, specifically catering for anyone with additional needs.

After numerous weeks of training and getting to know her students, Sensei Marcus set all students attending her Tuesday class a challenge: grading.

Normally when any member of Dundalk Karate thinks of grading, they think of all the hard work and dedication that is demanded of them but for these very dedicated students, this was never a problem.

Each member thrived and never missed a class and when it came time to actually turning up for grading, they never hesitated for one second but gave it 100%.

Afterwards Sensei Marcus said: “Seeing each and every one stand in front of me and complete whatever was asked of them, without fault, was just amazing.

“I have never been so proud of a group of very talented and dedicated Karate-Ka. Congratulations to each and every one of them.”

If you would like any further information on Dundalk Karate and it’s all inclusive karate classes, you can contact Sensei Marcus on 086 353 1625 or [email protected]

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