KARATE | Dundalk Karate members excel at recent grading

Dundalk Karate members Aisha Shariif, George Tsikoudakis and Abigail Mulholland with Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan and Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan at a recent grading

Dundalk Karate recently held a grading where numerous members excelled yet again.

With Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan and Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan scrutinising every technique by those stepping forward, the tension was high in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre.

First up to grade for 10th Kyu (Yellow Stripe) was Aisha Shariif and George Tsikoudakis. With fellow members of Dundalk Karate watching from the sidelines, and numerous friends and family silently encouraging both junior members, neither Sensei Hughes or Sensei Marcus could fault any technique that they asked of these budding stars.

Second up was Abigail Mulholland who was going forward for 7th Kyu (Orange Belt). Abigail didn’t show any nerves throughout her grading and she was actually complimented on her strength and excellent progress over the past few months by Sensei Hughes.

Next up was Liam Hoey and Franciszek Chmielecki who were grading for 4th Kyu (Purple Belt). Both members have shown continued commitment to their training over the past few weeks and months and have spent extra time training before and after normal training times so their basics, combinations, Ohio’s, Kihon and Kata were faultless.

The club’s senior members, Thea Mulholland and Michael Laverty, were next up and neither disappointed. Yet again both Thea and Michael excelled in all aspects of their grading.

Speaking after the gradings were complete, Head of Dundalk Karate, Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan said:

Dundalk Karate Members Michael Laverty, Thea Mulholland, Liam Hoey and Franciszek Chmielecki with Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan and Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan at a recent grading
“Seeing all members pass their grading with flying colours is not just down to me as an instructor, it’s down to each member’s commitment and dedication to their training.
“I always offer extra training to members when there is a grading or a competition coming up and with members taking full advantage of these opportunities it is no wonder all members excelled and passed their grading. Congratulations to them all!”

For more information on Dundalk Karate, why not pop along to the Redeemer Family Resource Centre any Monday or Thursday from 7pm to 8pm or contact Sensei Marcus on 086 353 1625 or [email protected].

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