FIXTURES | This week’s club GAA fixtures

April 22nd-April 28th

There’s an action-packed schedule of fixtures ahead for the next week. You can view all of them below. Fixtures may be liable to change.

Saturday, April 22nd — 6.30pm,

Special Hurling Championship Quarter Final

Pearse Óg v St Fechins, DkIT, Ref: Jim O Rourke

Sunday, April 23rd — 3pm

Division One League

Newtown Blues v Naomh Mairtin, Ref: Aidan Shevlin
Clan Na Gael v Sean O Mahonys, Ref: Gerard Corrigan
Dundalk Gaels v Cooley Kickhams, Ref: Colm McCollough
St Marys v Geraldines, Ref: Desmond McDonald
Mattock Rangers v Kilkerley Emmets, Ref: David J McArdle
St Patricks v Dreadnots, Ref: Stephen Johnson

Division Two League

Hunterstown Rovers v Dundalk YI, Ref: Tommy McEnteggart
Oliver Plunketts v O’Connell’s, Ref: Declan Dunne
St Mochtas v St Brides, Ref: Paul Burke
Naomh Fionnbarra v O’Raghallaighs, Ref: Gabriel McKenny
St Fechin’s v Na Piarsaigh, Ref: Noel Hand

Division Three League

Naomh Malachi v Lannleire, Ref: Paul Finnegan Sr
Stabannon Parnells v St Kevins, Ref: Colin Halligan
John Mitchels v Dowdallshill, Ref: Jonathan Conlon
Roche Emmets v Sean McDermotts, Ref: Patsy Connolly

Monday, April 24th — 7pm

U16 Division One

St Fechins v Naomh Mairtin, Ref: Thomas Brennan
St Marys v St Kevins, Ref: Colm McCollough
Kilkerley/Naomh Malachi v Cooley Kickhams, Ref: Paul Finnegan Sr

U16 Division Two

Geraldines v Mattock/Hunterstown, Ref: Jonathan Conlon
St Patricks v Dundalk Gaels, Ref: Paul Kneel
Na Piarsaigh/O’Mahonys/Dowdallshill v Roche, Ref: Liam O’Neill
St Josephs v Clan Na Gael, Ref: David J McArdle

U16 Division Three

Dundalk YI v St Nicholas, Ref: Kevin Carroll
Naomh Fionnbarra/Lannleire v Plunketts/Tones, Ref: John Crawley
Newtown Blues v O’Connells/Stabannon/Mitchels, Ref: Gerard Corrigan
Glen Emmets v O’Raghallaighs, Ref: Declan Dunne

Tuesday, April 25th — 7.15pm

Division Six League

Glyde Rangers v Stabannon Parnells, Ref: Paul Drumm

Kevin Mullen Plate Quarter Final

Westerns v Cuchulainn Gaels, Ref: Stephen Murphy

Wednesday, April 26th — 7pm

U14 Division Three

St Nicholas v St Joseph’s, Ref: Kevin Carroll

U18 Division One

Dundalk Gaels v Cooley Kickhams, Ref: Paul Kneel
Roche Emmets/St Bride’s v St Patrick’s, Ref: Colin McKenna
Mattock/Hunterstown v Geraldines, Ref: Stephen Johnson

U18 Division Two

Dreadnots v Na Piarsaigh/ O’Mahonys/D’hill, Ref: Desmond McDonald
Newtown Blues v Oliver Plunketts, Ref: Jonathan Conlon
St Fechins v Glen Emmets, Ref: Declan Dunne
St Nicholas v St Mochtas, Ref: Kevin Levins

U18 Division Three

Dundalk YI v St Josephs, Ref: Patsy Connolly
Naomh Fionnbarra/Lannleire v Kilkerley/Naomh Malachi, Ref: Peter Hoey
Clan Na Gael v O’Raghallaighs, Ref: Brian Brady
O’Connells/Stabannon Parnells/John Mitchels v St Kevins, Ref: Noel Hand

Thursday, April 27th — 7.15pm

Division Three League

Stabannon Parnells v Naomh Malachi, Ref: Kevin Brady

Friday, April 28th — 7.15pm

Division One League

Naomh Mairtin v Mattock Rangers, Ref: John Murphy
Cooley Kickhams v Clan Na Gael, Ref: David Fedigan
St Marys v Dundalk Gaels, Ref: Liam O’Brien
Sean O’Mahonys v St Patrick’s, Ref: Stephen Murphy
Geraldines v Kilkerley Emmets, Ref: Desmond McDonald
Dreadnots v Newtown Blues, 8pm, Ref: Kevin Carroll

Division Two League

Glen Emmets v St Mochtas, Ref: John Crawley
O’Connell’s v Hunterstown Rovers, Ref: Colin Halligan
Dundalk YI v Naomh Fionnbarra, Ref: Barry Byrne
O’Raghallaigh’s v St Joseph’s, Ref: Peter Hoey
Na Piarsaigh v St Brides, Ref: Paul Finnegan Sr
St Fechins v Oliver Plunketts, Ref: Jonathan Conlon

Division Three League

St Kevins v Dowdallshill, Ref: Finton Levins
Lannleire v Roche Emmets, Ref: Thomas Brennan
Glyde Rangers v Westerns, Ref: Declan Dunne

U18 Division One

Naomh Mairtin v St Mary’s, 7pm, Ref: Kevin Brady

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