DFC | Kenny full of belief that his side can do the job in Norway

Rosenborg in the driving seat after 1–1 draw at Oriel Park

Dundalk FC manager Stephen Kenny applauds the support after last night’s 1–1 draw with Rosenborg. PICTURE: TOM BEARY

Dundalk manager Stephen Kenny hailed his side’s display against Norwegian champions Rosenborg at Oriel Park last night.

A 1–1 draw means The Lilywhites will make the journey to Trondheim next week in need of a goal to have any chance of advancing but Kenny seen enough last night to fill him with plenty of hope for the second leg.

“We’re very much still in it,” said the Dundalk boss. “It’s 1–1 and we’re in the same situation as we were last year against FH Hafnarfjordur when it was 1–1 in the home tie.

“We seem to be able to score away from home. It will be different out there, there will be a full crowd and the home form is good but we have the capacity to score away goals.

“We’ve gone and scored away against better teams than Rosenborg. They’re a formidable team but we’ve shown the capacity to do that in the past and we must believe we can do that again.”

You can listen to Kenny’s interview with Dundalk Sport below.

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