DFC | Gannon determined to show that last year’s adventure wasn’t a one-off

Lilywhites full-back fuelled by belief from his manager

Dundalk right-back Sean Gannon wants to show that last year’s run in Europe was more than a flash in the pan.

The Lilywhites played 12 times in Europe last year, featuring six times in the Champions League and six in the Europa League group stages.

However, with the tie poised at 1–1, their European campaign will come to an end in Norway if they cannot find the back of the Rosenborg net.

“We don’t feel that last year was a once off,” he said. “Last week’s performance shows we’re able to play against these teams.

“We’re not over confident or arrogant or anything, it comes from the manager as he wants us to believe that we’re professional players and not inferior to anyone.

“For us, to show that it’s not a once off would be great for ourselves but all round for the league.

“If we were to get through this round you know you have two more cracks of the whip but if we go out this round, that’s it.

“There are no second chances and the players realise that and know that.

“We know there isn’t the security of the Europa League and Stephen has got that point across but, at the same time, we don’t feel under pressure. We’re well capable of scoring away from home.”

Another message that Kenny has got across is that Dundalk are well capable of pulling off another European coup and Gannon said the manager’s positivity is infectious.

“He’s a massive influence. He’s told us that he wants his players playing at the highest level possible and he’s never been a manager to tell you not to express yourself.

“I remember when I signed and I was just kind of sitting in, I wasn’t getting forward. And he grilled me, he told me “I didn’t sign you to be a safe full back”.

He signed me to go and enjoy myself and express myself and he’s brought out the best in all of his players. These games bring out the best in him.

“I think the fact that he doesn’t feel inferior to any team at this level, we get that vibe off him and it translates.

“He’ll never approach and game and tell you don’t do this or don’t do that, it’s always how can your strengths come to through and he did say to us last night that he wants his players playing on the best stage possible in front of the most people watching.

“There’s no better stage to enjoy your football and to have him backing you is a big plus for us all.”

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